सुचना तथा समाचार सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस प्रसासकिय लगइन
Praganna Irrigation Project
Name of project Praganna Irrigation Project
Name of work Dyke Extension works for command area protection (Ch 10+900 to Ch 12+500)
Contract identification number PBIP/RT/NCB-02/073/74
Name and address of contractor Swochhana Nirman Sewa, Kathmandu
Date of agreement 2017-07-13
Amount of Agreement (Inc VAT/VO) 87609792.28
Date of completion as per agreement 2019-07-12
Number of time extension 3
Total duration of time exension(months) 18
Date of completion (revised) 2020-12-27
Curent status Ongoing
Updated Progress Amount: Rs 68574563.49, Physical Progress: 80% , Financial Progress 78% Date 20th Dec.2020
Responsible/Authorized person Hari Prasad Niraula