सुचना तथा समाचार सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस प्रसासकिय लगइन
Praganna Kulo Irrigation System
Name of project Praganna Kulo Irrigation System
Name of work Dyke Extension Work for Command Area Protection (Praganna Irrigation Project, Ch 10+000 to 10+900)
Contract identification number PBIP/RT/NCB-01(072/073)
Name and address of contractor Prakritic Jaljala Lumbili JV Kathmandu
Date of agreement 2016-04-20
Amount of Agreement (Inc VAT/VO) 35926585.62
Date of completion 2018-07-08
Actual Expenditure (inc VAT,price escalation) 34158893.45
Contractors liability status Completed
Current status Completed
Major works completed Embankment Construction CH 10+000 to 10+900 @Right bank of Rapti River