सुचना तथा समाचार सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस प्रसासकिय लगइन
Name of project Name of work Contract identification number Name and address of contractor Date of agreement Amount of Agreement (Inc VAT/VO) Date of completion Actual Expenditure (inc VAT,price escalation) Contractors liability status Current status Major works completed
प्रगन्ना Construction of RCC lined canal on maurighat Bankuto & Pakhapani sinchai kulo PIP/Maintenance/NCB-08-079/080 ऐरावती निर्माण सेवा, लमही न.पा. ६, दाङ 2079-11-18 ३८,१०,४४८/६७ 2080-03-25 Completed Completed
Praganna Kulo Irrigation System Dyke Extension Work for Command Area Protection (Praganna Irrigation Project, Ch 10+000 to 10+900) PBIP/RT/NCB-01(072/073) Prakritic Jaljala Lumbili JV Kathmandu 2016-04-20 35926585.62 2018-07-08 34158893.45 Completed Completed Embankment Construction CH 10+000 to 10+900 @Right bank of Rapti River